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This program provides the attendees with an introduction to intellectual property and how it affects the life of a business. Attendees will learn the difference between patents, trademarks, and copyrights. They also gain an understanding of the rights of the creator, how to protect those rights, and the duration of the protection.

ABC's of Certification

This program provides an overview of the business certification process and helps an owner determine if certification is right for their business. Attendees will gain an understanding of how certification can be important for a business, what types of certifications are available, the requirements for each and how to apply.

ABC's of Accounting

The goal of this program is to provide the business owner with an overview of a business's financial cycle. Topics covered include: Income Statement-What it Is & What it Tells You, Balance Sheet - Is your company moving toward sustainability?, Breakdown of Assets & Liabilities, and, What are Ratios and What They Tell You?.

Social Media, Using the Internet

This program will cover social media, why it is important and what constitutes a social media campaign. Additionally, top social media sites and tools for business will be reviewed.

eCommerce, eBusiness, and the Internet

This program will define the difference between eBusiness and eCommerce for the Business Owner. Attendees will gain an understanding of the World Wide Web, how to create and operate a website, how to promote your website and business, low or no cost technology tools, information on resources and how to hire technical/consulting support.

Intellectual Property

This program will provide the business owner or inventor with an understanding of their rights as the creator, how to protect those rights, and the business side of bringing a concept to market. Participants will learn the difference between patents, trademarks and copyrights. You will also gain an understanding of how to prepare a patent application, how to perform your own patent or trademark search, how to evaluate your idea's commercial potential.

The Lender's Forum is an informational program designed for commercial lenders, offering presentations and updates from various Government financing organizations. Organizations presenting at the forums include: U.S. Small Business Administration, SBA 504 Corporations, Illinois Small Business Development Centers, and Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Qualify for 8A Certification

This training program is designed to help small businesses understand the 8(a) Business Development program. By completing this training program, students will gain an understanding of the 8(a) business development program. Topics include: 8(a) program purpose, How the 8(a) program works, eligibility requirements for the 8(a) program application process for the 8(a) program, Key Questions and Answers, and Resources and available Assistance.

Government Contracting

This training program is designed to help small businesses understand government contracting programs. It is about helping small firms learn about and take advantage of government contracting programs. By completing this training program, students will gain an understanding of the components of the government contracting process. Topics include: Federal contract markets and opportunities, Prime contract and subcontracting assistance programs, SBA's certification programs 8(a) and HUBZone, WOSB program and the veteran owned small business programs (VOSB & SDVOSB).

Start a Business in Illinois Workshop

This program provides the emerging entrepreneur with an overview of the required components for opening a business in Illinois. Topics include Characteristics of a Business Owner, How to determine the Feasibility of a Business Idea, Overview of a Business Structure, Components of a Business Plan, Options for Financing a Business, and Legal Requirements in the State of Illinois.

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$70.00 /Month

Educational Programming

Weekly Networking Events

30 min. 1-on-1 Mentor Hours with Industry Professionals



$250.00 /Month

Educational Programming

1-on-1 Mentor Hours with Industry Professionals

Active Incubation

24/7 Access

Reservation of Conference/Private Meeting Rooms

Open Workspace Layout

Wireless Internet

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$375.00 /Month

Educational Programming

1-on-1 Mentor Hours with Industry Professionals

Active Incubation

24/7 Access

Reservation of Conference/Private Meeting Rooms

Permanent Locking Desk

Wired & Wireless Internet

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$450.00* /Month

Educational Programming

1-on1 Mentor Hours with Industry Professionals

Active Incubation

24/7 Access

Reservation of Conference/Private Meeting Rooms

Private Office w/ Desk

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Accelerating Business Growth by Providing Access to Tools and Resources that Foster Transformation


We offer a variety of office space packages to support the growth of your business.

Small Business Developer Facility at MSCNetwork our collaborator members professional business network of resource providers we are emerging businesses through MSCNetwork facility located in Homewood IL is a vital asset for business owners, providing one-on-one business consulting, business training, workshops, and assistance to support both emerging and established entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals in three distinct areas:

MSCNetwork solutions (Small Business Developer): Provides entrepreneur development assistance, access to industry market research, access to capital, industry growth tools, and innovation support.

Services Include:

• One-on-one business advice and management assistance.

• Assistance with the development of business plans.

• Help with accessing market information and the development of marketing plans.

• Assistance with accessing business financing programs.

• Assistance with financial analysis and planning.

• Access to business education and training opportunities.

• Specialized services in technology, innovation and entrepreneurial development.

Teaching and training our small businesses interested in looking into entering  the world of government contracting. The facility provides one-on-one counseling, technical information, marketing assistance and training to existing businesses interested in selling their goods and services to local, state, and/or federal government agencies.

Services Include:

• Help targeting appropriate government agencies

• Automated bid lead matching services

• Access to government specifications and standards

• Guidance with quality assurance issues

• Assistance with certifications

• Identification of Sub-contracting opportunities

• Bar Code and Packaging Information

• RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

• UID (Unique Identification)

• Contract Administration Information

• System for Award Management (SAM) Assistance

• Review of Bid Packages

We offer information, counseling, and training to existing MSCNetwork facility Center offers workshops covering a wide variety of topics conducive to business success. Our monthly business start-up workshop helps emerging entrepreneurs understand how to start a business with increased probability of success. Other seminars and workshops offered include teachings on marketing, business financing, government procurement, patents and trademarks, e-commerce, contracting/sub-contracting, and real estate topics.

Business, Job Creation and Entrepreneurial Developers’ services to local and nationwide businesses, as a vehicle to provide professional hands on employment training, job skills education and community resources;