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Viziontainment Talent agency division seeks and finds passionate individuals interested and excited about establishing careers using state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment which is far better than just listening to someone talk about it. “Viziontainment” recruiting approach to hands on to radio, television and news media training is designed to have individuals spend less time on the streets and more time in the studios; by them taking full advantage of these approaches will help individuals become more productive and self-sufficient citizens.

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Broadcast Productions

We are committed to telling our stories and producing content that promotes positive images of all creative artist, talented entertainers and especially African Americans.

Our strategy is to build on the success of the two Emmy-award winning seasons of nextTV and leverage the power of the internet and social media to establish a digital media voice that expands the our reach in spaces 

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Access Channel dedicated

to serving the public, educational and small businesses.  MSCNetwork was formed to strengthen our community through increasing and enhancing communication.

This station enables the our staff to keep the people and business companies informed of opportunities including events, activities, policies, procedures, emergencies or

other government initiatives and collaborations advertised among our viewer audience thru many other types of production usages.

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Media Productions

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We strive to open for increased consumption and usability. A core concept in our digital strategy is openness and transparency in decision making how to illustrate telling success stories by using visualization.

Our vision is to promote innovation, investment, competition and consumer empowerment for the communications platforms of today and the future -- maximizing the power of communications technology to expand our economy, create jobs, enhance U.S. competitiveness and unleash broad opportunity for all Americans.

Digital strategy is foremost in our minds as we execute this vision. 

Social Media Campaigns

We clearly articulate our goals of openness and transparency, furthering the innovation economy and meeting more business world wide digital strategies.

MSCNetwork, Public Access Television Station allows a vital focal point and It's important to recognize that Public Access Television Stations are providing viewer/audience information.  

This Public Access Television Station and our Media Center was created in 2017 for the purpose of assisting other non-profits, and small businesses access to a single Public Access Station in the US. 

MSCNetwork Public access channels station is available for use by the general public. This station is administered by the cable operator providing our viewer/audiences the Educational access channels are used by educational institutions for educational programming (Distance Learning)

The time slots used on MSCNetwork channels typically is allocated among local schools, colleges and universities by our cable operator.  Also Governmental access channels are used for programming by our local governments.  In most jurisdictions, the local governments directly controls these channels.

Social Media Campaigning Advertising/Marketing Strategies:



Follow @MSCNetwork for updates on upcoming meetings, helpful consumer information on blog postings, and breaking News and telecommunications news with links to in-depth coverage.


View videos of MSCNetwork, combined official announcements, news and recaps of recent events on the MSCNetwork YouTube channel.


Keep informed and engaged about consumer alerts, updates, actions and events.

FCC Daily Digest

Check the MSCNetwork Daily Digest in order to receive a short synopsis of all MSCNetwork Good news, NEWS releases, speeches, public notices and other documents released each day. 

RSS and E-mail Directory:

Your business can receive daily e-mail updates from the MSCNetwork or subscribe to VIZIONTAINMENT RSS feeds.  Good news, News is available by topic's,  you can choose to receive updates on MSCNetwork actions, speeches, releases, or upcoming events.

Work With Us

The MSCNetwork, accelerator Media-tech and innovation hub located in Hazel Crest/Homewood IL, clearly defined our goal: to support and improve Chicago’s economic development by teaching technological and professional skills. we work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits and creatives to make a lasting impact. 

Our business-incubators designed to help your small business grow. we share a common, underlying mission: building Chicago’s ecosystem using technology into one of the most flourishing business opportunities by creating jobs, providing employment training, establishing small business into flourishing companies.  Our goal is to become the home to more digital media-tech startup with massive growth potential.

Advanced Technology

MSCNetwork is Chicago’s premier rehearsal, production and recording facility. Built new in 2017, our 10,800 square foot facility is home to bands, artists and entrepreneurs.

Through community, networking and creative passion, our Studios strives to provide our customers with the spaces, amenities, and services they need to achieve all of their artistic goals.

Creative Industry Businesses: 10,000 SF business incubator (Viziontainment Studio Services), office space, light commercial space and warehouse/storage.

MSCNetwork is hyper-focused on small, neighborhood-based entrepreneurs and business. Their program is dedicated to education and coaching to help that niche of business grow.

Job-creation & Employment training opportunities

We're growing and developing more opportunities building our own NETWORK with  Vizions' Enterprizes and MSCNetwork collaboration working together to combine services in order to create jobs, provide employment, creating incubator programs designed especially for entrepreneurial veterans. Their mission? To arm former service members with the technical skills, business acumen and networking opportunities with mentors and investors required to grow a successful business.

The joint venture accelerator is designed to propel real estate and housing tech companies to the next level.

open the door to the real estate resources and connections a small tech business in the industry needs to scale — and scale fast.

Creative Design Media Workstations

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